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I discovered spoken word poetry through Def Jam on Youtube one afternoon when I was about sixteen years old. I was listening to The Roots, Jill Scott, Black Star. I clicked on a performance by Erykah Badu called "Fans, Friends and Artists must meet" and discovered there was something called 'spoken word poetry'. It felt like coming home. 

It took a few more years before I was brave enough to join Poetry Circle 020 in Amsterdam. Since then I've performed in Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. My work has been published in 'En ze leefde nog', the Deep Times journal and Changing (dis)course, among other places. I've made a spoken word theater performance called RAUW (v/v) with a powerful group of women under the guidance of Priscilla Vaudelle from LostProject. The piece I wrote for the Climate March was broadcasted to an audience of a few thousand in a livestream and 44 locations throughout the Netherlands simultaneously.  

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'En ze leefde nog' compiles the wide ranging reflections of Charlotte de Raad (1994), Zeinab El Bouni (1990), Sandy Bosmans (1986), Mare Groen (1995), Maaike Boumans (1988) and Roziena Salihu (1994) on thoughts that so often go unspoken in life. Words that are so often swallowed. Growing up as a woman in a world that is still far from aware of its own prejudices requires a response. In a place where we still have to name diversity to convince ourselves of our multiplicity, life is anything but a fairytale.

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"Above all, you keep your clarity. You keep your focus. You keep your sense of love. And you keep your sense of purpose."

- Lauryn Hill