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We are facing huge challenges in this time of human history - climate crisis, systemic racism, building an economy that cares for people and planet, growing scarcity of water, just to name a few. These challenges are complex and interconnected. What might be the biggest challenge of all, is how we work together to find our way forward to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilled and socially just world. Getting there requires collaboration across difference. From social movements to business, from government to education, from healthcare to the arts. We all have a contribution to make. (what a time to be alive!) 

In working with these issues I create and host spaces for meaningful conversation, often together in a team of practitioners, for organisations, government and social movements. I believe that doing what we are currently doing, but trying harder or doing it more efficiently is unlikely to create very different outcomes. We need to shift the conversation, ask better questions and act wisely.    


I am an Art of Hosting practitioner, and work with Theory U and the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development. My background in systems thinking and Eastern wisdom traditions and my personal practice around nature connection and poetry also inform my work. 

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what is the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations? 

practice the basics of meaningful conversation

be present.
invite others to do the same.
ask a powerful question.
speak with intention and listen with attention.
harvest the insights. 

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