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'Would you do anything differently, if everything is connected to you, and you are connected to everything?' 

Maaike Boumans talk at Climate Tribe fundraising

Hi! Welcome.

I am Maaike Boumans. I'm a host, trainer, poet and activist. I work internationally with organisations and initiatives around social and ecological justice. I create learning spaces and host the kind of conversations that support diverse groups of people to move forward together on complex challenges such as climate crisis, land restoration and institutional racism. 

I am a published spoken word poet and have performed in Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa. My poetry is about love, politics, the climate crisis,  and how to live life well in these challenging times. 

I am an Associate Fellow Spiritual Ecology at St. Ethelburga's Center for Reconciliation and Peace, part of the collective Root to Rise and Spiritual Ecology Netherlands.  I live in the Netherlands with my partner and son.  

Picture by Rachel Ecclestone
If I was - a poem by Maaike Boumans

If I was - a poem by Maaike Boumans

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more about: 

the next generation

Be louder my love

be more bold

more brave 


don't be afraid when people will call you too radical 

when people will call you 'aggressive' 

remember that

standing up for those whose voices are not heard 
standing up for love and justice

is always


Maaike Boumans, 2019. Excerpt. 

“I really enjoy working with Maaike.  With the wide range of facilitation tools she offers, something special always arises in the groups she works with.”

— Lynn van Leersum,
Program Manager
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