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"The question of reaching sustainability is not about if we will have enough energy, enough food, or other tangible resources - those we have. The question is - will there be enough leaders in time?"

- Dr. Göran Broman and Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt,
co-founders MSLS programme

Training and capacity building are integral parts of my work. I believe we need more

  • people with the capacity to invite others into meaningful and possibly messy conversations about things that matter

  • people who are able to create space in this fast paced world and help a group stay in not-knowing long enough for something fundamentally new to emerge 

  • people who can take a systems perspective and can lead in complexity

  • people who are rooted in their own practice so they support others when things fall apart

  • people who can bring in the perspective of future generations and of non-human beings when important decisions are made

  • people who question their own assumptions and the power and privilege they hold

  • people devoted to learning our way forward

I invite you to join me in the dojo

Art of Hosting

the art of hosting 

the art of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter 

The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter is one of my core practices. It is an incredibly helpful practice when you’re working with multi-stakeholder projects, large groups of people, on complex issues or with a diversity of perspectives. It often changes the nature of the conversation, supporting people to get to the heart of the issue more easily and to work together more effectively. The Art of Hosting is a world wide community of practitioners, find out more here. For upcoming trainings, see agenda. 

Spiritual Ecology

Spiritual Ecology 

coming back into a sacred relationship with life

Spiritual Ecology recognises there is a spiritual dimension to our ecological crisis. It invites a 

radical shift from the status quo, by restoring a sense of interbeing with the Earth and all life. What would it mean to live in a peaceful, kind relationship with oneself and all forms of life?

I have teamed up with Annick Nevejan and Flo Scialom. Find more information about the work we do at Spiritual Ecology Netherlands.  

Leadership for Sustainability

Leadership for sustainability

Systems thinking, personal leadership and a guiding framework

The Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (Robèrt et al) is a science-based framework looking at the root causes of un-sustainability. The framework has systems thinking at its core. It is based on four sustainability principles that can be applied to any field or sector, supporting organisations, municipalities and business to move towards sustainability.


In 2013, I completed the Masters’ in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. I have since then given many 1 - 3 day trainings in the FSSD itself, as well as training in the type of leadership needed to put this into practice, and often a combination of the two. 

I’ve done this for Knowmads Business School, Wageningen University, Accolade and many others.

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