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Healthcare Leadership Summerschool

Healthcare Leader Summerschool (HLSS), or Humans of Health as it is now called, was born out of a dream to bring healthcare back to its core: to truly care for health. The current system is far from where it could be in terms of access to healthcare, viability of current systems and social sustainability. The current economic, ecological and social crises ask for a new approach of leadership in healthcare. And so, we envision a world where every human being can thrive and has the resources for their personal and public health.

A beautiful project that has been bringing together hundreds of medical students and young doctors from around the world, training them in personal leadership skills, collaboration, and Mindfulness among other things. I had the honour to be part of the first two editions as co-organiser and trainer. See below for a 8 minute video on the first edition that took place in Austerlitz in the summer of 2012.

To read more about the wonderful work of Humans of Health, see:

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