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Lead facilitator at Young Feminist Roffa, Rotterdam, NL

Inspired by the national Young Feminist Weekend (YFW), Young Feminist Roffa (YFR) is the first feminist initiative aimed at building a young intersectional feminist movement at the level of a city. Tahmina Asraf, an alumni of YFW and director of foundation Voice of All Women sees a clear need for a feminist movement in her city of Rotterdam. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve needed to move a part of the program online. We’re hosting two online sessions in 2020 and are hoping to be able to meet physically early next year, in 2021.

If you’re reading this and you’re from the city of Rotterdam and excited about the idea of joining a group of young people eager to make their city more just, don’t hesitate to contact Tahmina at tahmina.asraf @

YFR is a collaboration between Voice of All Women, de Dutch Council of Women and myself on behalf of Bright Future Lab, and is supported financially by the municipality of Rotterdam as part of their Emancipation Agenda 'Next Level'.

For more information see: Follow: @young_feminist_roffa

ps. This isn’t my first city focused project. Three years ago I co-hosted an Art of Hosting training for the city of Brighton, UK, initiated by a dear friend and colleague, Max St. John

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